2010 AKC Eukanuba National Championship
Long Beach,Ca
Nov 25 - Thanksgiving Night left, On the road to Long Beach.....wait we had a minor set back........ 
Nov 26 - oh no way, yep, Motorhome broke down in Sacramento,Ca on our way to pick up Tony at the airport.....but than had a guy stop and he helped, Tom, our Angel!!
The Tag Axel feel off on Interstate 5.....
Tom than brought us to his place so him and Ken could fix it to keep us going...the dog shows can't stop gotta keep going.
Nov 27 - Tony and  I than went to Turlock to the show and returned, not done yet.......
Not yet, Ken and Tom fixing and welding up the Axel.......
...than there was thier Parts Man (Tony)
 ...almost done 
....done, ate at In N Out in Citrus Heights,Ca Saturday eve......now off to Stockton
Nov 29 - Stockton
Nov 30 - made it to Long Beach
Dec 1-4
The Set up
"Bender" Valhala Burning Ring of Fire
 Koby in Group Thursday eve
Tony and Eric grooming Koby's Pants
Group on Saturday Night
Some pictures of Tony and Koby in Long Beach,Calif
......now off to Costa Mesa in four days
.......Koby did alittle surfing on his time off
Our set up in Costa Mesa...
Great Western Flat Coated Retriever Society setup
Christmas Sweater buddy!!
Won breed all four days as well as two supported entry's
I think we did pretty good for 11 days of shows (won 10)
Lunch while waiting for groups so we can head home
On our way home, Tony at the wheel with his make shift Bluetooth, after dealing with an oil leak fire and smelling that all the way, and 36 hours later......we made it safe and sound, what an amazing but crazy trip!!!




Thanks to all my Flat Coat friends in Cali, for sure Elizabeth for inviting me to the Christmas Party, and to Tony, we love you lots!!!