All about Rudy

 our very first Flat-Coat

Am / Can Ch Blacklace Magic Woods

Born  June 20, 1996 - Chilliwack, BC

Passed September 6, 2005 - Monroe , WA

Best of Breed - September 1997

Like the movie by the same name, Rudy was a dog you rooted for when on the field (or in the ring).

He was loveable, goofy, a gentle giant in the Flat-Coat world. He commanded respect from his brothers, Micky and Koby, and they respected him because even though he meant no harm they knew he could do it if he wanted.

Rudy was the first of our three Flat-Coated Retrievers. After losing our Golden Retriever, Jasper, of 11 years we fell in love with the Flat-Coats and ended up meeting a wonderful woman who became our breeder, Kathy Kondrat.

In June 1996, Rudy was born and the rest is history.

Kathy mentioned the whole dog show circuit and about showing Rudy. We agreed and Ken and I took lessons on how to prance around the ring with our beautiful dog.

Though not what some would call "show quality", Rudy defied the odds quickly became an American and Canadian Champion with judges liking his wide head and short muscular body.

Rudy also became everyone's favorite dog. He was sweet, gentle and caring. When our would-be future daughter-in-law Lis left to go home to Brazil, Rudy, sensing the sadness of the moment, jumped up on Lis' lap for a quick hug and kiss for the Brazilian.

With Christmas right around the corner its hard not to look at the stockings and think of Rudy. Every winter we'd put our stockings over the fireplace and every winter Rudy would sit and stare at the stocking at the far right of the fireplace. His stocking. He's sit and intensly stare until Christmas morning when a ball or bone usually appeared.

Rudy introduced our family to Flat-Coated Retrievers and if not for him this site and those ribbons that both Koby and Micky have won, would not be here now.

All Dogs go to Heaven ~ Rudy's Eulogy, written by our son Kevin