2023 - Watch for Kasey

 Kasey passes away 1-14-23 to go over the Rainbow Bridge

We all thought Kasey would have several more years to play around and enjoy life, maybe even go to a National, but guessing it was his time to leave, and go over the Rainbow Bridge.

Our sweet, very handsome, once in a lifetime dog has passed on. Died at the age of 11 on

January 14, 2023

This is very hard, but, our sweet, beloved pup, Kasey, passed away last weekend at the age of 11. He loved life, playing continuance ball, swimming, a little counter surfing, and eating some special food from the table. He was happiest just being with us wherever we went, ready, and waiting to jump in the car.

Kasey, ( MBIS MRBIS GCHP Ch Windy Hill God Of Fire RN JH CGC DS TKN HOF) the 2015 Flat-Coat Hall of Fame inductee, aptly set the show ring on fire becoming a Grand Champion in America, Canada, and Puerto Rico and earning titles for Latin American, Pan American, American International and Federal Cynologique International. Rally, Hunting, and Dock Diving titles as well. He won Best of Breed at the 2016 Westminster Dog Show and twice earned an Award of Merit at Westminster. The accolades are almost endless, and most led to memories and adventures we would never have been on if Kasey didn't lead us there. Special thanks to his best buddy, and handler, Tony Carter, for all the work he put into Kasey's success. Kasey really loved the show ring, he and Tony were an amazing team! Thank you to the breeders for breeding our very special heart dog, always made us laugh, he was pretty crazy, but a very very happy flat-coat. Also, thank you to all those who have been in Kasey's life, so many amazing people!!

Kasey will always be in our hearts and forever will be missed!

Love you pup pup!!

What a fantastic ride we went on, we will never ever forget it!