Koby goes to "WESTMINSTER" 2008

we made it to the top 5..... and we worked hard to get there

(stats are for Jan-Dec 2007)



 Koby's Invitation to Westminster


  Trump Tower

New York

30 Rocksfeller and NBC Studios Ice Skating Rink

Central Park

 Tony Carter and his assistant Carmen at the Canine Chronicle Gala

Right outside Madison Square Garden 

Inside Madison Square Garden 

  Where we were Benched

Outside our hotel window

Inside the Pennsylvania Hotel where everyone would walk the dogs to go potty

The Groups begin

We went to a taping of David Letterman

Time Square

(it was freezing)

China Town/Canel St, the best ever

just so much fun

Empire State Building

Flat-Coated Retrievers are in the ring 

Larry Clark was our handler (Blue Jacket) and did a wonderful job. 

 Koby in New York

The Blacklace Family (Barbara-Kathy-Ken) is in NY in the back ground is the Empire State Building