2013 - Watch forKasey

KASEY in 2013

Where to find Kasey in 2013 ....


Wenatchee KC/Cashmere, WA/BARAY 

September 14 - 15 

 Saturday Judge: Norman Patton - SELECT

Sunday Judge: Eric Ringle - SELECT


Gig Harbor KC/Shelton, WA/MB-F 

  September 21-22 

Saturday Judge: Dana Cline - Best Of Breed

Group Judge: Ken Murray - Made the Cut (Heavy Group)

Sunday Judge: Ken Murray - Best Of Breed

Group Judge: Hank Williams - Made The Cut (Heavy Group) 


 Lizard Butte KC/Boise, ID/Onofrio 

October 10 - 13

Thursday Judge: Kathryn Cowsert - Best Of Breed

Group Judge: Larry Sinclair - Nothing

Friday Judge: Paula Nykiel - Select

Saturday Judge: Marissa Clark - Best Of Breed

Group Judge: Marissa Clark

 Sunday Judge: Linda Reidel - Best Of Breed

Group Judge: Linda Reidel - GROUP 3 



World Show of Canada/Abbotsford,BC/Lower Mainland

October 24 - 27

 Thursday Judge: Best Of Breed

Group Judge:

Friday Judge: Best Of Breed

Group Judge: GROUP 3

 Saturday Judge: Best Of Breed 

  Group Judge: GROUP 4

 Sunday Judge: SELECT

Group Judge: 


Whidbey Island KC/Monroe,WA/BARAY

 November 16-17

 Saturday Judge: Pluis Davern - Nothing 

Group Judge: Debbie Pettersen

Sunday Judge: Robert Vandiver - Select

Group Judge: Robert Vandiver


Golden Valley KC/Turlock, CA/MB-F

November 22-23

Friday judge: Gloria Geringer - BOB

Group Judge: Gloria Geringer

Saturday Judge: Christina Hubbell - Select

Group Judge: James White


San Joaquin KC/Stockton,CA/MB-F

November 24-25

Sunday Judge: Daniel Dowling - Nothing

Group Judge: Daniel Dowling

Monday Judge: Anne Bolus - Select

 Group Judge: Anne Bolus


Greater Miami Dog Club/Miami,FL/MB-F

December 7-8

 Saturday Judge: Sue Goldberg - Select

Group Judge: Sue Goldberg

Sunday Judge: Eric Ringle - Best of Breed

Group Judge: Eric Ringle


Space Coast KC/Orlando,FL/MB-F

December 10

Tuesday Judge: Eugene Blake - Best Opposite Sex

Group Judge: Paula Nykiel


Brevard KC/Orlando,FL/MB-F

December 11

 Wednesday Judge: Elizabeth Muthard - Select Dog


Central Florida KC/Orlando,FL/MB-F

December 12

 Thursday Judge: Paula Nykiel - Select Dog


Eukanuba National Championships/Orlando,FL/ONOFRIO

December 14

Saturday Judge: Douglas Johnson - Made the Cut out of 44 Flats



Thank you and see you all in 2014