Micky - Blacklace Magic Kingdom

Am/Can Ch Blacklace Magic Kingdom


 Top 25 Flat-Coated Retriever in 2003 and 2004

Born May 6, 1998 in Chilliwack, BC

Died Jan. 7, 2010 in Monroe, WA


   Wow.....what can we say about our middle boy Micky, he was thee most gentlest boy ever. He just loved teering up his toys. Micky was our second Flat-Coat and he was so gentle, and so sweet. He was so good with the Grandkids, would let Lia our 1 year old granddaughter just sit on him, check his mouth, look at his teeth and poke at his eyes......did he care...no.....he would follow them and watch over them. He would lay near them to keep watch. When we went on our Houseboat trip he would swim with his brother Rudy until we had to put them in xpens cause they would never get out of the water, but when our daughter-in-law (just a girl friend at the time) went out swimming far to float......here came Micky to take a hold of the lifevest and pull her to the shore.....everytime we would go far here came Micky.


   Micky liked to show but wasnt his favorite thing......his thing was to play ball, alot!!!  Micky lived to the fullest!! After 9 he had some close encounters thought we would loose him, but nope he kept trucking along.


        Micky was a beautiful boy with a gate to die for.....he was a sweety!! I love you Micky



 2006 FCRSC Specialty


               Micky - 8 years old - 2004 

Micky - 10